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The Sorcerer's Accountant is a small, successful, one-person accounting and tax preparation service owned and run by Max GreenwoodIllinois. The firm offers tax accounting, management accounting, and QuickBooks set-up and training for small business clients. To move beyond a one person model, the business will expand its services to include bookkeeping services for small businesses. This will require an investment in marketing and staff to grow the business to include this complementary line of business. ur Business Consultants' skills can be put to good use at the outset, by helping you put together a well considered business plan which will allow you to plan and formulate realistic and accurate forecasts. Our accounting team will then use this information to create a financial model that will tie these financial projections to your cash flow statement and balance sheet. For businesses looking to raise external investment, a good business plan is the key to demonstrating your commercial credibility and reliability as a manager (or management team). Typically, we begin with analysis similar to our Insight Report (which is unique to us and included in the annual accounts process). Our Commercial Managers have excellent contacts within the major high street banks (and indeed some of them were former bank managers) and as a result successfully helped raise investment of more than £4m from banks and private individuals last year.

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